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the process

Its pretty simple

get in touch

 Please send me a message along with some images. I would love to hear your ideas and see your photos! My email is

or send me an inquiry from my contact page. 


After hearing your ideas, I'll reply with recommendations of which photos work best as a work of art, discuss what size painting is best for you and your space, framing and packaging options.  


Once you have sent me a confirmation that you are ready to have your portrait painted, I'll send a link where you can place the order and also choose your framing and other packages. 
Once your order comes through, your portrait will be next on my schedule.


On the agreed date, I'll email an image of the finished portrait for you to approve. It will then be shipped to you when you're completely happy with it.

Cross my heart Guarantee

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me. I will not send the portrait until you are completely happy with it. A final image will be sent for your approval before it is mailed to you. 

                                                 - Lacy

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