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About deLacy

Hi! My name is Lacy Wilkinson and I am a self-taught artist from Texas. A business owner, wife and a mother of two. 

First and foremost - I owe my artistic gifts and talents to my Heavenly Father. Without His spirit and blessing of creativity I would not be who I am or what I am.​

My journey as an artist began at a very young age. As an only child on a 100-acre farm, I drew butterflies in the sand and created friends through drawing sketches. That might sound lonely, but I had the best real friends in the world - my animals; in which I will forever have a profound respect, love and appreciation for.  

Life makes all kinds of twists and turns. Mine has taken me from cow-patty-covered boots on the farm to sequin high heels and petticoats in the big city as one of Houston's premier artists/entertainers for Texas Elite Events. In the past 10 years my paintbrush has graced the faces of politicians, I have trained many upcoming artists and brought smiles to thousands with face painting, airbrush, balloon art, mehndi, special FX and body art.  It’s been quite a ride!

​The canvas has called me home.  I'm a  simple farm girl with a big city attitude and a lot of miles left in these bristles. I'm pouring myself into every painting, learning more with every brush stroke and exited to share it all with you!

  If my artwork brings you joy, makes you wonder, has you feeling inspired or simply takes you back to a moment, then I have served my purpose as an artist.​

To share this journey with others makes it that much more amazing.​

The journey continues and adventure awaits! You coming?

XOXO - Lacy


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 "Art has a wonderful way of opening us up to ourselves. It makes us question our own thoughts, explore our own happiness and permits us to wander in our mind like a child." 

                                                                      -Lacy Wilkinson

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